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Thomas Ray CrowelThomas Ray Crowel has been a salesman his entire adult life. At ten years old, he sold hobby horses door-to-door that he made in the basement of his family's home. At twenty, his sales career began in earnest. He has special expertise in "cold canvassing" and has knocked on over 250,000 doors. This technique is considered the most difficult by professional sales representatives. Through his selling skills, he now holds his current position as head of three multi-million dollar sales organizations which include three property and casualty agencies, a finance company, and a franchise car wash.

Born and raised in Hammond, Indiana, his two sons, Thomas Gehrig and Robert Ray, are now his business partners. Thomas' calling is to help and guide the "salt of the earth" - the common person. Both of his books, Simple Selling: Common Sense That Guarantees Your Success and Dirty Little Tricks: How Salespeople Are Robbing You Blind!, are directed towards the "salt."

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