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Simple Selling: Common Sense That Guarantees Your Success by Thomas Ray Crowel.

Available in both Hardcover ( ISBN: 0966991710) for $19.95 and Paperback ( ISBN: 0966991702) for $14.95. 178 pages. 

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About the Book. There are no "secrets" to success! Tom Crowel’s book explains five common sense principles that will guarantee your success and guide you through a very successful career. Everyone sells... everything you can imagine is sold. Simple Selling offers you a simple and fast-action blueprint for success in both buying and selling. We’ve all heard these questions... "Is there such a thing as a gift of gab?" "Why can’t I seem to stay motivated?" "What if the customer says no?" "How do I find prospects?" You’ll find the answers to these questions and more. Simple Selling is quick, to the point and takes you step by step through what has to be done in order to be your best. You are invited to realize your dreams while climbing to the top!

The Power Behind "No!" — A Different Take on Rejection. Failure is just another step toward success. Failure is no more permanent than success. In fact, that’s what they have in common—neither one is constant. In order for a child to learn to walk, he must fall.

Motivation: The Inside Story. To stay motivated is difficult. You must focus on the end result at all times. For example, if you want to keep in good physical condition, you must have a healthy regime such as jogging, lifting weights, or another activity that requires regular exercise. To stay motivated, focus on the goals you have set. Keep both short and long term goals attainable. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Visualize success and imagine yourself in the picture.

Power Prospecting. Suspects are basic to the sales process. First they must be found, then converted into prospects and then, hopefully, they will become sales. The best way to find out if a suspect can become a prospect is to ask. Prospecting is an ongoing process. Don’t waste time getting started. Organize your prospect list. Remember there are three important factors to consider—they are the prospect’s needs, desire and ability to pay.

The Simple Selling Close—Getting to that "YES!" Everyone needs to realize the close is exactly what it says—the end of the selling process—when the sale is final. You may know these different ways to close by other names, but to paraphrase Shakespeare, "a rose is a rose..." Ways to close a sale: the assumptive close, the if/then close, the when close, the close as a method to discover hidden objections, and the close to discover buying authority. The book illustrates specific examples of each of these closes.

Disappearing Services...How a Simple "Thank You" Can Give You The Edge. In our fast-paced world, an act of kindness or even common courtesy throws people off guard. Your mother’s admonition to "mind your manners" is especially relevant in today’s business environment. With the advent of the global marketplace, sales protocol not only crosses geographic boundaries, but also cultural ones. Simple Selling shares with the reader how to present our best self not only to our colleagues, neighbors and friends, but also to the world. Remember, the customer never really had the choice of more or less service. It was just taken away.

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